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Courthouse lighted at night
Coryell County Courthouse, Gatesville


Big dreams built the Texas towns and cities we live in today. The windswept plains, piney hollows, and coastal inlets of yesterday offered creative Texans a blank slate to imagine and manifest their greatest ambitions in brick, lumber, mortar, and stone. Today, around corners and down streets all over the state you will find historic homes, mercantile centers, bridges, office towers, courthouses, forts, cabins, and mansions still standing as monuments to our engineering and artistic ingenuity. And the list keeps growing. Our appreciation for the modern as well as the antique is a driving force behind the conservation of some of our best mid-20th century classics. Texans are making great headway every day to identify, preserve, and interpret centuries of architecture throughout the state; building the story of our past with buildings. Yet, there's still much more to discover. In fact, a missing chapter in the grand epic of Texas architecture may be standing just beyond your own back door. Check it out!


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