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Historic Town Fairs

Festival street scene
Red Poppy Festival, Georgetown


Community fairs have a long history in early agrarian Texas, providing venues for citizens across the state to come together and exhibit their goods and livestock while engaging in both commerce and entertainment. Town and county fairs served rural communities whose citizens often lived far enough apart from each other that organized events like fairs offered an opportunity to visit, trade, and catch-up on the progress of fellow farmers and livestock breeders. Today, communities across the state carry on the tradition and often add a lineup of local or well-known entertainers to highlight their events. Perhaps the fair most recognized by Texans is the State Fair of Texas whose precursor first organized in 1886. However, the Washington County Fair in Brenham began the same year. Communities like Kendall County with its Annual Labor Day Kendall County Fair, Stock Show, and Rodeo have been at it for over one hundred years as well. Later arrivals include the Helotes “Cornyvale”, the Laredo International Fair & Exposition, and Lubbock’s Panhandle South Plains Fair, first held in the fall of 1914. In fact, few communities in Texas manage to get through a full year without putting on a fair. See you there!